Baobabe was founded in 2016 and the business grew initially by mainly creating awareness on various “Mammahood” Facebook groups. The positive responses received from the many happy ladies using the Menstrual Cup, showed that the feminine/sanitary products space was one that was crying out for a more practical and better solution. 

Baobabe box


A small menstrual cup is ideal for first-time users and those with a low cervix, under 18 years old, petite physique or women who prefer a smaller size cup. 

We have specifically designed our new Baobabe small cup to be smaller and lighter, more transparent which allows first-time users to get an understanding of how it works and flow volumes.

Capacity :15ml   

Size: Length 56mm 

Light to Normal Flow

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Regular Size is the best fit for majority of women looking to make the switch to a menstrual cup, normal to heavy menstrual flow.

Regular Cup Capacity: 25ml 

Dimentions: Length 63.8mm

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Plus size cup is a slightly larger cup for those with a heavier menstrual flow


Plus Cup Capacity: 35ml 

Dimensions: Length 69.5mm

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Our menstrual disc comes in one size, perfect for all menstrual flow volumes.

Dimentions: Height 33.5mm x Width 65mm

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